16_05_76---Rain_web  After several weeks of dry, sunny summer weather, the wet, rainy summer days are back which is something that I both like and hate. I like it because for a hot tropical country like the Philippines, anything that can lower the temperature to comfortable level is very much welcomed especially with all the fuzz about Global Warming. It’s weird actually for the Philippines to be experiencing such wet condition as early as April but I guess this is an indication that climatic change is slowly but surely starting to make itself prominent. On the other hand, what I hate about the rain is not really some physical phenomenon that can be described by physics but something metaphysical and is more about the experiences that I unknowingly related to the downpour. I’d prefer not to discuss those things because first of all, it’ll only dampen my mood more and, secondly, the first point of this post is simply to state the fact that it is raining again here – damn.

It has been almost 3 weeks since I applied at Teletech again and I’m still waiting for their call. I should have been working now if not for a discrepancy with my medical result particularly with the X-Ray result that somehow exhibited signs for possible tuberculosis. I had to take another X-Ray but not in time for the cut-off. So here I am bumming around waiting for their job offer wasting my time in front of the computer because I really can’t leave my house.

So what have I’ve been doing? Nothing. I was playing RF Online but I got fed up with it because RF Online doesn’t seem to want me to attain level 50. My character never exceeds the 60% experience mark so I decided to just take a break from it and focus on other things.

web_banner3 I have been blog hopping a lot these past few days and, with Vic’s referral, I manage to end up frequenting Hay! Men! Ang blog ng mga tunay na lalake. It’s a funny blog kung sino nga ba ang tunay na lalake at kung sino nga ba ang hindi. It doesn’t care whether you are a he, a she or an it but as long as you possess the quality ng isang tunay na lalake as stated by the Manifesto ng Tunay na Lalake, then you’ll be proudly branded as isang tunay na lalake. There are a lot of interesting entries that’ll sate your hunger for humor. I’m recommending this blog to everyone.

sketch_finalI also began practicing my drawing skills again because I really don’t have anything to do. I started out with a fan-art of Mio from the series  K-ON! which I plan to digitalize and use on my Plurk page. Hopefully by next week it’ll be finished. The final draft is on the right. 

I guess that’s it for this post. I’m still figuring out how the hell do I use this Windows Live software that I downloaded yesterday.