What the ef?! *punches myself to see if I am still asleep*

What the F?!
What the F?!

 I woke up this afternoon to find my Smart Bro(ke) connection broken but instead of gritting my teeth in frustration like I usually do when the freaking thing is not working the way I want it to be, this time around I was left pinching myself dumbfounded as to why the heck it’s going too fast to a point that I have to question if myself if I am awake or just stuck in a mid-afternoon dream.

 Actually what I said above is an understatement – It’s FREAKIN’ EXPONENTIALLY faster than before. I mean, how the heck can a 312kbps connection jump from a measly 40kbps top download speed to something that just won’t leave the 100kbps mark? It can’t happen. It’s just not possible unless of course they somehow increased the speed that they are provisioning me thereby increasing the top download speed leaving me with the question: “So it really can go to those speeds eh?”

 This is not the first time that this has happened. I had been enjoying “true” streaming videos for several weeks now using Smart Bro and not Smart Bro(ke). Before I had this funny connection, I needed to give YouTube™ a bit of a head start before I can watch anything continously but this time I just click a link and play. Funny enough, all these miraculous things started to happen when I decided to not pay my Smart Bro service and just wait for my service to get disconnected because I recently signed a contract with Globe Broadband and it would not make sense logically and economically to have 2 internet service provider at the same time. I was thinking this is some sort of strategy to entice me not to cancel the service and just stick to them. 

 In any case, whatever the reason for this strange occurance might be I’ll just leave it as it is and will not bother myself in thinking too deeply about it as there are more pressing matters at hand that I have to think of like for example whether I’ll still have a job after this week or not. I’ll just take advantage of this incident by downloading all the stuff that I want to download before my connection runs out of nitro and reverts back to running on ordinary gas.