Maybe because I only had 3 hours of sleep yesterday that is why I was feeling really horrible last night while playing DotA even though it was just 11. Usually, I go on to play until 3 in the morning during my day off but i was feeling extremely drowsy, my headache was terrible and I feel nauseated that I had to call it quits at the stroke of midnight. When I got home, I only bothered to check my downloads and then got immediately to sleep.  I think I really did lack sleep since I woke up this morning refreshed as if the ordeal last night did not happened.

Anyway, going about my daily routine which includes checking the anime blogosphere, I stumbled about these wonderful AMVs from Mainichi Anime Yume some of which really got to my sentimental side.

Beautiful Day by Funky-kun

World’s Unbroken by Sierra Lorna & silver moon

You know you have watched a lot anime series if you can tell the references for the first video. Like the author of the blog where I got these videos, I believe even non-anime viewer can appreciate the first video since it was superbly composed befitting of U2’s Beautiful Day. I think the effect is amplified further when you know the references because if you know which anime series the clips where taken from, you most probably know the stories behind those series; And most of the anime series used on the first video are probably the most touching series out there (AIR, ef ~ a Tale of Memory/Melodies~ and Makoto Shinkai’s movies). This video made me all warm inside and made me yearn to watch those series again but the second video really made me want to cry, well ‘almost’ cry again.

AIR. The second video is about the series AIR. It doesn’t do the series justice if I where to describe it since the best way to describe how great AIR was to view all 13 episodes of it. As far as I can remember, AIR was the first series that touched my sentimental side – I had to suppress the tears while watching the series since it’s not really a pleasant sight to see a male high school student crying.

That’s it for now. Agenda for the day is RF Online – power level and PT Grinding mode.