One good thing about my house is that you still get to enjoy a refreshing cool breeze to blow away all the uncomfortable sticky feeling as if the hot, humid afternoon never existed. I live on a hill which I could say has a pretty good view of the town on the foot of the hill – on one side is an overlooking view of Angono (known as the Art Capital of the Philippines and is the town on the foot of the hill that I am living at) and Laguna Lake, and on the other side, a luscious sight of greenery to calm one’s senses. It’s a good retreat especially for someone like me who does a stressful job on a stressful environment. The silent streets  during the afternoon, a time when I usually get my rest, provides a sense of tranquility to dispel all the worldly problems and acts as a mode of escape from the noise of the city.

Once in a while, I do climb up the hill for a change of scenery since it’s kind of a different world out there, very different from the towering buildings of the metro, a world where you can still hear the pleasant chirping of birds and not the irksome hum of engines and machinery; a world where you can still take in a very deep breath without worrying about any choking fumes that can bring you down to your knees; a world where you can just forget about the passage of time and a place where time can just stand still.

Anyway, that’s it for now, two more days to go before the most anticipated rest day. Time to prepare.