Well yeah, I’m still alive and just now I decided to re-animate this blog after a long hiatus and, yeah, a lot has happened ever since the latest post of this blog which was posted at the end of the first quarter of this year and look at now, it’s almost the end of the third quarter. Time sure does fly when you are having fun….or doing nothing at all.

As I’ve said, a lot of major thing really happened these months that I haven’t been posting. I’m currently on a leave of absence from college to take a break from my studies since, to be honest, repeating two years of college (I shifted to BS Computer Science from BS Electronics and Communications Engineering and Don Bosco never credited my two years of being an engineering student in Ateneo de Manila) really did burnt me out and I needed a little break from all these studying. Another major factor for this decision, and a thing I’ve only kept to myself for the longest time now, maybe as a way to preserve the image that I have and maybe a way to protect myself because I’m not the type of person to go about telling people about my problems, is that things are not going really well at home. It’s a really depressing matter which I do not want to discuss right now but basically the lesson here is that there are some things that are difficult to heal if it is possible to heal it at all.

Anyways, enough of that matter, right now I manage to land a job as a Technical Support Representative on one of the call centers near my home and now currently on my third month on my first job. It’s a good-paying and a generally fun job too for a student like me who is on leave of absence while I’m waiting for things to settle down. You get to interact with all sorts of people ranging from the enthusiastic caller who understands the scope of our job to the not-to-tech savvy callers, usually old people, who needs setp-by-step instruction on performing the basics (they only use their computer to read and send e-mail), and to the irate ones who most of the time is irrational and doesn’t know what we can and what we cannot do as a technical support agent ( ).  I said fun but it gets kind of toxic at times especially when you are not in the mood but you need to keep your composure. Right now I’m having a hard time just staying awake when it hits 4 in the morning, and my shift ends at 9.

I think that’s it for now, maybe this time I’ll try posting an entry a day just to keep me from boredom since I really don’t have much to do at home other than browsing the net for all sort of stuff ranging from news of the deteriorating situation between Georgia and Russia to the really weird one like Octopus (yeah, the cephalopod) usage in pron in Japan (I was like, what the heck was that, when I read that one)…*ehem* anyway, I’ll stop right now before I post even more weird stuff here besides my shift starts at 11:45 so I need to prepare.