Looking up the crescent moon as I was walking down the empty streets of our subdivision before daybreak, I once again find myself questioning just where this life of mine is heading to. The gloomy orange lights radiating from the posts lining the quiet streets only serves to dampen the mood even more putting me in a state of temporal melancholy.

I have been slacking off lately. I have been become more or less a delinquent with this attitude of mine. For this, I am beginning to hate myself. The optimism that once fill me is slowly beginning to be corrupted by pessimism. I feel as if my life is going to crash somewhere ahead unless I take a detour but then again, I have been to so many detours but I still end up going the wrong way. I wonder why?

Like the glimmer of twilight, my future looks diffused and I don’t know whether this twilight is from daybreak or sunset. The unclear line that is my future has become even more vague.

Loneliness is indeed my sanctuary, a place where only myself can hurt me. I began to remember why I named this blog that way because a small glint of happiness in this sea of loneliness can turn into a transient euphoria.