Well yeah, this post is a nostalgic drive to the year that has pass and to get some ideas I decided to read my former blog in i.ph and I realized that the past year wasn’t really that boring after all.

For one there was that 3-week blogging roll which probably gave me the longest and most detailed account of any past time period yet. So it was during that time that I tried to enter the call center business but failed miserably. I still remember how nervous I was during the interview because that was my first job  after all and I ended up having a mental block of some sort screwing everything up.  It was also that time that I had some postvalentine syndrome that forced me to do things, expecting nothing from it, but even so I still ended with a feeling of mixed euphoria and torment.

May was a gloomy time for me and I can’t seem to remember why, but the entries for that time sort of gave me an idea as to why. It was also the time when my occult…err, I mean, perfectly normal friend Vic began reading tarot cards. His first reading for me hit the mark leaving me dumbstruck leaving me the impression that he might be spying on people. May also marked a transition from teens to twenties which really is kind of depressing if you think about it. Oh and there was also that funny accidental drunken stupor when I forgot to check my liquor intake during the swimming.

After May, there has been a few entries most of them involving those inane synchronicity about incidents and things that stupidly happens at the right place at the right time as if someone out there is playing with my life.

To sum it all up, last year was still a pretty uneventful year, I’ve had more fun years in the past but I guess this is the inevitability of aging. I strongly hope that this year would be something more fun than last year. Vacation ends Thursday so I guess it’s time to brush up my studying skills to prepare for that time.

Happy New Year to All.