Since I spent the entire day sleeping I just decided to rant about something that I had in mind for a long time now. Actually I think it all began during this semester in college. And this is all because of these “sex-crazed idiots.”

So what are they? Well basically they’re people who see sex everywhere. For them all things and situation has a huge “sex” tag accompanying it. They tend to relate everything to sex and will not pass on the opportunity to put sexual reference to just about anything. Green jokes are good when used sparingly like how spices are to food but when there are people that can’t seem to talk without having to put a male genitalia reference, that’s the time it gets irritating.

There are a couple or two of these sex-crazed idiots in one of my classes in college and I guess what made me irate about these people is that how such stupid conversation doesn’t help but only lengthen the time needed to do a task. I mean they pop all sorts of reference when our prof is giving out the instruction and this only serves to lengthen the supposed to be concise instructions. They’re like teens hitting puberty that’s too fascinated about the genitalia that they think its funny; time to grow up dudes.

I guess that’s one of my regrets for failing at Ateneo – people there are more mature and rational and there are less sex-crazed idiot there, if there are any of them there at all. Sorry guys, I will laugh at a long-lasting intelligent joke over a short-term green joke any time.