Yesterday, well technically two days ago but heck my biological clock has been way off since who knows when, one of the forums I am active in, the Hero TV forums, celebrated this Yuletide season with what else but a Christmas party!

I decided on attending it way back when it first announced back in November but life is really a natural trickster as my chronic cold suddenly decided to up-the-notch the morning of 27th which almost prevented me from attending the said party.

Anyway, my condition got better as the afternoon approaches but still not the fittest as I could be  but nevertheless I  pushed on, this is after all a rather rare event. Good thing my father allowed me to drive the Ford Everest as the ones I’m using, a Mazda 323, is out of commission at the moment because the battery is dead and I’m too stingy to buy a new one.

Traffic was smooth probably because of the holidays and I arrived at the venue an hour and a half after I left home even after going back and forth Timog Avenue a couple of times to look for the building. I initially thought it was the EJNA building (supposed to be ESNA building) which is the main reason why I got myself driving around in circles.

The Observer

I was never good around people so as usual I was in observer mode during the entire party. Being the deviant that I am, I quite enjoy watching people go about their business with me watching in the sidelines. It’s like watching a live slice-of-life show, a genre which I am an avid fan of.

Another thing of interest would be the reaction of people when they find out who I am. Most of them are surprised at how silent I can be in real life. Even the site admin, Sir George (g-dawg in the forums) was surprised to know that I am the Not Safe For Work.

The Gathering

It’s your average party, not too fancy but not too dull either. It started out with the introduction of the forum newbies, all of them I am not familiar with yet. After a word from Sir g-dawg, it was decided that eating comes in first to maximize the time since we only have until 6pm for the party.

On the menu was softdrinks, donut, softdrinks, macaroni and softdrinks well, that’s what I arrived at since I decided to eat after almost everyone ate first. Eating my macaroni salad, Axelle and I had a little chat about RF-forum-related stuff since there has been a lot of interesting dramas in the RF boards lately. They also invited me to do some of the art part of the visual novel that some of the forumers are planning to make.

The first event was paint-me-a-picture something.  I have no qualms that exhaust_note’s group will win the event because, whether they where aware of it or not,  they exhibited the basics of stage presentations in the contest. It’s also during this event that jetz made a grand entrance bringing along the promised pizza; a Pizza Hut and I just recently finished Code Geass so it kind of made me laugh at the coincidence.

Second event was a bring-me contest with some crazy “items” like bringing in a forumer that looks like a terrorist, where Nathan_Graves was the unfortunate victim. An intermission number from Loj singing “Christmas in our Hearts” followed by, from what I remember, “A Wonderful World,” but I doubt the guys are even listening with all the distraction shown on screen.

The third event was a charade of some sort. It’s quite funny because from my vantage point I think I heard/saw the girl’s team whispering Poring at the 1st round but of course I could be wrong.  Well anyway the contest was fun but the contest has to be cut short to make way for the final contest because we’re running out of time.

The final contest was a Forum Quiz Bee which made me realize that even after being in the HTVF for more than a year, I still have severals things I do not know or rather than not knowing, there are things that I overlook like who’s moderator what etc. The contest ended with Kuya UC’s team winning the coveted Mirmo doll.

After the closing words from Sir g-dawg, the part ended with group pictures and everyone went home.


Maybe I’m just tired from the party but I actually got myself lost going home. I circled Elliptical Road once because I missed the Quezon Avenue exit and I have to backtrack Commonwealth Avenue because I missed the UP  entrance. Speaking of which, it’s quite a nostalgic drive home because it’s been ages since I drove through UP and the Katipunan route home.

I’m writing this entry tired and sleepy after playing DotA with my friends so I really don’t have the energy and time to look through it again…haha